creative coding

Mixing Gatsby, MDX, ObservableHQ, and p5js

How to put Observable Notebooks in Markdown with Gatsby MDX

Visual Analytics for High Dimensional Data

What to do when bars and scatter plots don't work?


Frontier Tech and Frontend: March Meetup Notes

Takeaways from MachineMetrics, Hydrow, Facebook VR, and Lazy Loading


Recording Progress in Visual Projects

Why + how to make GIF animations of your data visualization process

Remake: Marginal Histograms in Semiotic

Exploring a technique for de-cluttering crowded data with Tableau and Javascript

Musical Data Visualization

Visualizations for adding to listening experience, and not for solving numerical problems

Loading Dangerously: PyYAML and Safety by Design

On designing APIs, and the challenges faced in switching to safety by default

data science

Data Science Spotlight: Jennifer Shin

Papers, articles, and talks by Jennifer Shin, data scientist


Links #1: Data Stories and Mental Models

Machine Learning Tools, Data Visualization, Mental Models, Engineering Process, and more

Simple React Design Patterns: Container/View

Resources about a useful design pattern in frontend development


Defining serendipidata

Information that is useful for purposes different from what its collector intended